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Xingcun Chen Institute Electrical Research and
Development Center of the lantern high.
Deputy Director.
Chairman Zhejiang Province Technology
Innovation Association.
Senior Management Division YueQing transmission and
distribution industry associations.
Vice president.
Yueqing city CPPCC members
With cable accessories electric
power industry association.
Vice president.

Message from president

    Shangyuan Electric Power Technology Co. Ltd. is located in the national 5A level scenic area - south of Yandang Mountain in zhejiang, electric capital of China - Wenzhou Liushi town. Since its inception in 1993, the company has been sublimated in the science and technology innovation, technological innovation, management mechanism, corporate culture, and achieved remarkable results. Now, the company has become one of the country's biggest electric power production enterprises that manufacture electric power fittings and cable accessories. Therefore, on behalf of all staff thanks to the concern and support of our friends from all walks of life.

    Nowadays, the reform and opening up has achieved fruitful results in China, economic construction has developed rapidly and steadily as well as electric power construction. do a good job of logistics services for the effort, The company will adhere the mission of enterprise - "quality promotes brand, sincerity creates industry", insist on the spirit of enterprise - "honesty in the heart, honor promise in the behavior", and keep on the faith of enterprise - “innovation, integrity, efficiency, win-win" to be the strong backing of electric power construction in china with the high standards quality of the products, high level of technology and first-class services.

    Here, I eagerly look forward concern and support from friends that from all walk of life. I hope the cooperation will create brilliant future for the country’s power grid construction.



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